iOS 4.0.2 Promises To Fix iPhone Hack

Apple began pushing iOS version 4.0.2 to the iPhone and iPod Wednesday in order to fix a security problem that allowed hackers to gain access to those devices.
The iOS 4.0.2 was made available Wednesday afternoon through iTunes. Apple recommends that users of the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd generations update to the new system software.

The changelog for iOS 4.0.2 is short and sweet. Apple says that the software update fixes the hole hackers had found in the browser and PDF applications that allowed iOS devices to be jailbroken through the browser. No other features were listed for iOS 4.0.2.

August 1, the iPhone Dev Team released a browser-based hack for iOS devices that took advantage of the browser-based weakness. By visiting "", iPhone and iPod Touch users were able to jailbreak their devices and gain access to non-approved applications.

In addition to making the jailbreaking tools available directly from the iPhone's browser, the iPhone Dev Team also released a new version of ultrasn0w, which unlocked the iPhone from AT&T. By jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone, users could install and use unauthorized applications on wireless networks other than AT&T's.

If you've jailbroken and unlocked your iPhone and want it to stay that way, do not update to iOS 4.0.2. The iPhone continues to function if left at 4.0.1.

Apple also began distributing iOS 3.2.2 for the iPad. iOS 3.2.2 for the iPad performs the same security fix that iOS 4.0.2 does for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It plugs the hole whereby hackers can gain entry to the device.

Any businesses that have deployed the iPhone or iPad in their enterprise should be sure that employees update their devices so that company information can be (re)secured.

Both updates are free and available through iTunes