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iPad Mini Accessories For Sale

Apple still may not have said word 1 about the iPad Mini, but manufacturers in China are already openly selling iPad Mini cases, wholesale, on Alibaba.

As if any further proof were necessary that Apple will announce an iPad Mini soon, you can already buy iPad Mini accessories (wholesale) at Chinese site Alibaba.

Chinese wholesalers also put iPhone 5 cases up for sale in advance of that product's official announcement.

It's tempting to think that these photos of full-size iPad accessories. Who would know the difference? But the image below shows that they are likely genuine. The bottom of the standard iPad 3 has only the 30 pin Apple dock connector, but the cut-out on at least one of the cases is much larger, matching that of the bottom of the iPad Mini in leaked photos.

The bottom cut-out for the 'Dull Polish TPU Case for New iPad Mini 7.85"' (below) from Shenzhen Comsory Industrial Co., Ltd. in Guangdong matches the bottom of leaked photos of the iPad Mini (above)

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