iPad Pro: 6 Pros, 4 Cons For Business Users

The iPad Pro represents a sea change for Apple's tablet, which is now more than ever angling to replace your laptop.
Pro: Killer Display
Pro: Speedy Processor
Pro: iOS 9
Pro: Smart Keyboard
Pro: The Apple Pencil (Really)
Pro: Big Sound
Con: Battery Life
Con: High Price
Con: Big And Heavy
Con: iPad Air 2

Apple revealed the iPad Pro on Sept. 9, a massive tablet aimed squarely at those looking to be productive on the go. The iPad Pro is clearly a shot across the bow of the Surface Pro, a tablet Microsoft claims is good enough to replace the ever-trusty laptop.

The iPad Pro is a steroid-infused beast of a machine that will appeal to many business users, but it's not for everyone.

Apple nailed the design. The iPad Pro is a larger version of the iPad Air 2, which is a slim beauty. It maintains the 4:3 screen aspect ratio, an ideal balance for work and play, and carries over the attractive aluminum casing without adding too much bulk.

CEO Tim Cook and his executives also decided to pull out all the stops with the iPad Pro by including a stylus called the Apple Pencil, an addition that is designed to give the tablet more functionality in the boardroom and office. This seems to have been one of the bigger steps for Apple, since the company had been allergic to the idea of a stylus for years.

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The bigger question is: Can Apple make the tablet relevant? After all, iPad sales, along with other tablet sales, have stagnated or fallen in the last year as the smartphone has become the dominant device for consumers and business users. Is Apple's magic enough to ignite a market?

The enterprise market is not one that Apple actively seeks out, but the company has shown the ability  not only to glide into it, but to dominate it as well. Just ask anyone using an iPhone who sits next to you in the office.

What else did Apple get right? What did it get wrong? What do you think? What are your favorite and least favorite features of the new iPad Pro? Please add to the discussion below.

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