iPad Pro Review: Bigger Isn't Always Better

Apple's professional-grade tablet is a massive slate that may replace a laptop for some -- but definitely not all -- mobile professionals. Here's a look at where the iPad Pro rises to the occasion and where it falls flat.
Size Matters
Not A Comfy Couch Companion
Big Screen Beauty
Buttons and Battery
Multitasking Master
Easy On-Screen Typing
Not App-Happy
Icon Eyesore
Logitech's Killer Keyboard? Not Exactly
Pencil's Potential

The iPad Pro is a brand-new tablet from Apple. And it's bigger, faster, and more powerful than any previous iPad. Apple claims this device can handle the workload often reserved for laptops. While it can, to a degree, there are a number of aspects holding it back from productivity nirvana.

I am an iPad fan. I've used an iPad every day since the first-generation iPad arrived in 2010. My current tablet is the iPad Air 2 with LTE, which, as far as I am concerned, is about the most portable and powerful computer available (when paired with a Bluetooth keyboard). I put the tablet to use in many different ways, whether it's catching up on email, browsing the web, watching movies, playing games, or, yes, doing my job.

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The iPad is my preferred computing device, but it's not perfect. There are definitely instances when I require a laptop and, I'm sorry to say, the iPad Pro does not change that equation.

Even so, the hardware is fantastic. Apple designs the most attractive and highest-quality tablets in the market, and the iPad Pro is its piece de resistance.

I delve into several aspects of the slate, including an up-close look at its hardware, software, screen, buttons, controls, app compatibility as well as my biggest complaints.

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