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iPhone 6s Roundup: 5 Things We Think We Know

In September, Apple is expected to launch a new smartphone that most are calling the iPhone 6s. As with previous launches, there's a tsunami of rumors and speculation.
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As with everything related to Apple, the mere hint of a new or updated product on the horizon is enough to kick the rumor mill into overdrive, and the speculation around the next iteration of the massively popular iPhone is no exception.

Although no one is completely sure what Apple will call the next iPhone, the consensus is leaning toward the iPhone 6s, which would follow the company's previous naming scheme. However, some are calling it the "iPhone 7."

With the run-up to the latest iPhone almost as exciting as the actual unveiling by the company, we decided to look at five specific aspects of the iPhone 6s that analysts, Apple-centric blogs, and anonymous tipsters have been pumping out through the Web over the latest few months.

It Will Probably Be Called the iPhone 6s, Unless It Isn't

Apple's got a pretty steady habit of releasing an intermediary version of the iPhone, in between its standard two-year overall, with an "s" moniker, just like it did with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s in the past. That suggests the upgraded versions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will follow suit.

However, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote in an investors note that Apple may skip right to calling it the iPhone 7 this time. This might be why there is some lingering confusion about the name.

Apple Will Introduce the New iPhone in September

This rumor falls into the collective wisdom category of speculation, since Apple has consistently shown off its latest smartphone in the first two weeks of September, with delivery following within the next week or so.

While no one knows the exact date yet, Apple is likely to tease the media with a cryptic invitation that is sure to kick the rumor mill into hyperdrive yet again. Say what you will about Apple and its products -- the company is a master at managing the spectacle of the world's worst kept secrets.

Force Touch Is Coming to the Newest iPhone

Apple's Force Touch technology uses sophisticated haptic feedback to help users get more out of touchscreen technology by responding to various degrees of pressure to trigger commands. For example, users can already use Force click technology by pressing on the MacBook notebook's trackpad and then applying more pressure.

Ming-Chi Kuo's research note also indicated Apple will be bringing that technology to the new iPhone.

Apple Could Add Another Color to the Lineup

A lot of snarky comments surfaced after Apple announced it would offer an iPhone in gold, in addition to the traditional silver and space grey options, but the color has proved to be a hit. The company might try to replicate that success by adding a pink option to the roster, according to a March report from The Wall Street Journal that quoted unnamed sources familiar with the matter.

The iPhone Could Be Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Apologies to Daft Punk, but a Forbes contributor translation of an article from Taiwan-based Economic Daily News indicates the latest iPhone will be using 7000-series aluminum. That's the same grade used in the Apple Watch. This would make the chassis 60% stronger compared to the current model, which uses series 6000-series aluminum. If this proves true, it could help the company move past the notorious "bendgate" controversy, in which some iPhone 6 owners complained the smartphone was bending under pressure.