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Microsoft Eyeing October For Windows Phone 7 Launch

Informed sources have confirmed to a U.K.-based Web site that Microsoft will launch Windows Phone 7 on October 11 with a big event in New York City.
Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Revealed
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Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Revealed
The pieces are slowly falling into place. Microsoft first announced Window Phone 7 during the Mobile World Congress event in February. At the time, it mentioned a target availability date of the 2010 holiday shopping season. That would make October the perfect time to kick things off, and that's just what reports are saying.

Pocket-Lint, quoting "multiple sources familiar with the matter" on Thursday reported that Windows Phone 7 will be launched by Microsoft on Monday, October 11, at a huge event to take place in New York City. "I'm told WP7 will be announced officially in early October. The exact date will have to come from Microsoft," said Pocket-Lint's source. The event will be webcast around the world. This sounds about right for Microsoft.

The Redmond-based company may have used Barcelona to stage its mobile comeback, but New York City has seen its fair share of important Microsoft launches, including the Tablet PC in 2002. In 2009, Microsoft launched Windows Mobile 6.5 during October. Seems fitting that Windows Phone 7 would come almost exactly a year later.

On September 1, Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 7 reached the "Release To Manufacturers" stage. That means that Microsoft has wrapped up its work on Windows Phone 7 and it is up to device makers to stuff it into their hardware designs.

In addition to reaching the RTM marker, Microsoft also explained that it was able to integrate some facets of Facebook into Windows Phone 7. Specifically, users will be able to filter through their contacts for Facebook friends, as well as like items and post to Facebook directly from the People Hub. Microsoft says that the user interface has been refined throughout the operating system, and that a dedicated search button has been added to the contacts application for faster searching.

A number of manufacturers have committed to bringing Windows Phone 7 devices to market, and the Internet has been rife with leaks from companies across the board.

Pocket-Lint's sources indicate that devices will become available for sale by the end of October the latest, just in time for the holidays.