Motorola Sends C&D To Block Leaked Software

Motorola has issued a cease and desist order against a Web site that was hosting leaked Droid X software.
During the week of August 16, an early version of Android 2.2 Froyo was leaked to the Internet and offered up by the site My Droid World. Motorola wasn't too happy about the leak, and sent My Droid World a letter insisting that the software be removed from the site.

My Droid World said in a blog post, "With the release of Froyo MDW has received a C & D from Motorola requesting removal of the software from our server. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we must oblige Motorola. I am not sure how long the mirrors will be up so if you want to get your Froyo on then now would be a good time."

The version of Android 2.2 was not the final build that will be pushed to Droid X owners later this summer. Though the software worked, installing it was a tedious process.

Motorola's Senior Director Information Security explained that the software in question is copyrighted material owned by Motorola and that its exclusive rights to use that software was being violated by My Droid World.

It has since been removed from My Droid World.

In other Motorola news, the company has updated the schedule of Android 2.x upgrades across its line of Android phones.

Motorola says that the Droid X will receive Android 2.2 by late summer. This is in line with statements already made by both Motorola and Verizon Wireless.

The Backflip (for AT&T) will be updated to Android 2.1 during the third quarter. Motorola is in the process of testing Android 2.1 for the Cliq and Cliq XT (both T-Mobile), and expects to have the software prepared by late in the third quarter or early in the first quarter.

The somewhat bad news is that the Devour will not be updated to Android 2.1. The Devour is a low-end Android slider for Verizon Wireless.