Nokia Brings Augmented Reality To Job Search

Nokia's JobLens app for the Lumia smartphone helps job seekers "see" the open jobs available around them.
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Nokia is giving job seekers a new tool in their search for gainful employment: JobLens, an application that marries augmented reality and social networking with the goal of pairing employee-hopefuls with employers.

JobLens is similar to Nokia's City Lens in that it uses Nokia's HERE mapping suite together with the browser and camera on its Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Nokia calls its augmented reality suite LiveSight. With the app running, job seekers pan their phone around any given area and they will see what companies in the region are hiring, explore job listings and view the listings from multiple angles (street view and birds-eye view) for improved orientation.

The information is presented on top of what's visible in the camera's field of view. If the user pans the Lumia smartphone across a McDonalds, for example, and that particular McDonalds is hiring, an informational bubble will pop up over the McDonalds in the viewfinder. The same will happen with any business that is linked into the app.

JobLens sinks its hooks into LinkedIn, Indeed,, Facebook, Twitter and Zillow to create a unique "job network." It then parses any job data in that network and maps it to the app to help people find jobs based on those connections and their location. Users can see recommended jobs, as well as search, save and share jobs, and begin the application process directly from their phones. It even links with SkyDrive so that sending a resume is as simple as adding it as an attachment.

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Nokia is one of the few major phone makers still pushing hard to deliver augmented reality apps. The CityLens app uses LiveSight to provide local search information. It can be used to find the names and other details of local businesses, for example, using the same method described above. Nokia also added LiveSight to its HERE Maps product for better from-the-street viewpoints and the Windows Phone 8 FourSquare application. Qualcomm is another company pushing augmented reality, at least to developers. Though standalone AR apps and browsers are available to Android and iOS devices, Nokia's integration with its vast mapping databases gives it an upper hand.

Version 1.0 of JobLens is free to download from the Windows Phone Store, though it is only compatible with Nokia's Lumia-branded Windows Phones. It won't work on other Windows Phone 8 hardware. Nokia continues to favor its own gear with unique and compelling apps, which is perhaps one reason the company is now responsible for 80% of all Windows Phone sales around the world.