Review: AT&T's Windows Phone 7 Handsets Tested

Here's a first look at the HTC Surround, LG Quantum and Samsung Focus, the initial crop of smartphones running Microsoft's new mobile OS.
Microsoft's Windows 7 Revealed
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Slideshow: Microsoft's Windows 7 Phone Revealed

For the mobile professional, these first three Windows Phone 7 devices being offered by AT&T present a daunting choice. Each offers the same smartphone powers but with distinct hardware experiences.

The HTC Surround is large and heavy but has great materials and fantastic stereo speakers. Too bad it's so bad at making phone calls. Battery life is pretty good, however. The LG Quantum is chubby and made of cheaper materials, but it is the only to offer a physical keyboard. It has better call performance than the Surround, and battery life is acceptable, too.

The Samsung Focus is the thinnest and lightest and offers the best display. It also manages to make the best phone calls. It's a tragedy, then, that the battery life is so limited. For basic productivity, solid phone calls and good battery life are paramount. If those are your criteria, the Quantum is the best choice.


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