Rolling Review: Trust Digital Enterprise Mobility Management

Platform centralizes management for diverse smartphone environments.
To begin supporting iPhones in the enterprise, Trust Digital is taking a methodical, phased approach to incorporating the devices into the management tool. The first phase, which was released in the fourth quarter of 2008, allows the iPhone to tie into the centralized inventory and centralized policy functions of the EMM. Filtering can be done by the compliance filter and operational tasks such as remote wipes and password controls can be centrally set.

The second phase will include assistance with provisioning the iPhones and getting them properly configured.

The real meat of the approach, particularly from a technical control perspective, will be coming in the third phase and beyond, with the implementation of encryption, better inventory information, and, potentially, an agent that runs on the phone itself. The ultimate goal is to extend EMM's security control support, which is currently implementable on Windows mobile devices, to the iPhone and include such features as multifactor authentication, data at rest encryption, trusted application restrictions, and configuration change lockdowns.

Trust Digital's EMM provides a flexible approach to managing mobile phone security for large and diverse organizations. The product has a range of useful features intended to provide economies of scale to large deployments, and centralized management features to streamline operational overhead. The platform allows for the integration of iPhones into a central management infrastructure and provides administrators with useful visibility into mobile phone communications with the back-end Exchange server. Although some of the highly desirable controls like device encryption aren't currently in place, it will be worth checking back periodically with EMM to see the progress that is being made with implementing these features and supporting new phone platforms such as Android and the Palm Pre.

The list pricing for a 200-phone perpetual license rollout would be around $45 per phone or $9,000 to manage and secure all the devices. In addition, a 20% annual software maintenance fee is required, raising the total cost to $10,800.

Richard Dreger and Grant Moerschel are co-founders of WaveGard, a vendor-neutral security consulting firm.

Our Take
Trust Digital Enterprise Mobile Manager
Trust Digital's EMM provides a feature-rich platform for deploying and managing diverse mobile phones.
Some controls for the iPhone are still under development. Still, a solid foundation is in place to manage these devices.
Phone provisioning is fairly intuitive. Users can log on to a portal to get key settings and configuration information.
EMM's compliance filter provides blocking and reveals users and devices trying to connect to the platform.
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