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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Rumored

The invitation to a press event in Germany seems to indicate that on October 11 Samsung will reveal an already-rumored smaller version of the hot-selling Galaxy S3 phone. The rumors say that it will have the same screen size as, but cost noticeably less than the iPhone 5.

An invitation to a Samsung press event in Germany seems to suggest that a rumored smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy S III phone will be announced soon.

The invitation, shown below, says--according to translation provided at TechRadar--"That's how big small can be."

Image credit: Unwired View

Despite a recent U.S. court smackdown, Samsung does not seem to be slowing down development of its Android mobile phones. Mobile analytics firm Localytics recently said that Galaxy S III sales are still strong, growing 9% weekly.

A smaller Galaxy S III would seek to build on that popularity. The rumored specifications include:

  • 4-inch Super AMOLED screen (the Samsung Galaxy S III's is 4.8, not a huge difference)
  • 5 MP camera
  • A price significantly lower than the iPhone 5's.

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