Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Getting Production Boost

Samsung is working hard to improve the number of Galaxy S6 Edge handsets coming out of its factories. It's also teasing an "Iron Man" edition.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Night At The Museum
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Night At The Museum
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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has proven more popular than perhaps Samsung expected. The company is boosting production numbers in order to meet demand for the curved-screen smartphone.

Samsung originally hoped to produce about 1 million S6 Edge handsets per month, but has increased that to 3 million units per month. Samsung may boost production numbers further to 5 million units per month if necessary, though the company is still reviewing whether or not those numbers will be needed.

The S6 Edge is unique in that its screen is curved along both side edges. The process for curving the glass is difficult, and Samsung initially had low yield rates for the screen. The thermaforming process involves super-heating the glass and wrapping it around a rod. Initial yields were close to 50%, which dramatically reduced the number of handsets available at launch.

Samsung executives addressed the problem at launch and said the company was looking to improve the process.

Samsung first showed off curved-screen technology with the Galaxy Note 4 Edge last year. That particular handset was manufactured in limited numbers, however, since it was intended more as a technology showpiece than a mass-production device. The technology has apparently caught on, since consumers are snapping up the pricey S6 Edge at a high rate.

The curved glass isn't the only feature.

The display itself also curves. It can be used to show notifications, alerts, and even select data. Samsung gave the S6 Edge some other special features, such as a method for quickly accessing favorite contacts from the curved glass. The S6 Edge also illuminates the side edges when select contacts call the phone.

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The technology comes at a cost. The S6 Edge carries a price point that's $100 higher than the straight-edged Galaxy S6. The starting price for the Edge is $749 for the 32 GB model, but the bill climbs to a whopping $849 for the 128 GB model. The S6 Edge is available from most major carriers in the US.

The popularity of the curvy phones may lead Samsung to develop more of them. In fact, Samsung recently took to its Twitter account to tease a forthcoming Iron Man version of the S6 Edge. Samsung formed a partnership with Marvel Entertainment last year. The Iron Man edition of the S6 Edge might be the first special handset released with that partnership in mind.

Samsung didn't reveal any specifics about the phone, and didn't even say where it will be sold. Samsung did note that the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition will arrive soon.

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