Samsung Teases With Galaxy Tab Web Site

Samsung has offered a few details about is upcoming Android-based tablet, which will be launched September 2 in Berlin.
Reports of a Samsung-made Android tablet have been batted around the Internet for quite some time now. Today, the company made good on those reports and confirmed that a tablet is indeed coming as soon as next week.

Samsung posted a short, 20-second video clip that shows a glimpse of the unreleased device and includes a handful of details about what it can do.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will sport a seven-inch touch screen and will run Android 2.2. Based on the video, it appears that Swype software is on board for faster text input. In the few images that are displayed in the video, we see it being held in someone's hand. It looks far larger than even the Dell Streak Android phone, which has a five-inch display.

According to Samsung, the Tab will have two cameras on board and can make video calls. Samsung didn't say what kind of software would be involved in the video sharing, nor what sort of resolution the cameras would offer.

Other features noted by Samsung included: HD movie playback, e-reading, Flash support, augmented reality, navigation, and PC-like Web browsing.

The design of the Tab appears to be somewhat similar to the iPad, though the display doesn't look to have the same 4:3 aspect ratio that the iPad does. With a seven-inch screen, the Tab will definitely be smaller and more portable than the iPad, but it's way too big to be used as a phone.

Samsung attempted to field a MID once before, and even offered the WiMax-capable Mondi for Sprint. The device was discontinued. Here's hoping the Tab does better.

Samsung said it will formally introduce the Tab at an event scheduled for September 2, in Berlin, just ahead of the IFA trade show. Here's the video for your viewing pleasure.

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