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Sony Offers $880 Vaio Laptop With Blu-ray Player

Sporting an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the media-ready notebook comes with an HDMI output and 'instant Internet' button.
Sony Vaio NW
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Sony Vaio NW
The Vaio NW has a 15.5-inch high resolution screen and is available for as little as $800 without the Blu-ray player, which is read-only. The PC has an HDMI output connector for playing video on a digital TV, giving buyers the option of using the notebook as a Blu-ray or standard DVD player.

The system runs on an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and is available with an optional ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4579 graphics card from Advanced Micro Devices. The notebook comes with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium edition.

Beyond the Blu-ray capability, the NW comes with power-conserving features. The PC's screen may be turned off while the notebook continues to run in the background. In addition, the system includes an "instant Internet button" that launches the PC onto the Web without having to wait for the Windows operating system to load.

Sony has installed its own software for producing home movies, and three USB porta and slots for attaching external storage devices used in digital cameras and video recorders. The slots support an ExpressCard, SD card and Memory Stick Pro. The new Vaio also includes a built-in Webcam and microphone.

In January, Sony introduced an eight-inch netbook called the Vaio P Series for about $900. Netbooks from other manufacturers typically cost less than $500, with many systems selling for as little as $300.
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