Sprint's Palm Centro Gets Software Update

The update improves IMAP compatibility with Gmail, and provides an updated setup wizard for the Web-based e-mail.
Palm Centro owners on Sprint's networks can add several new shortcuts and features to the smartphone with a new software update, the company said Wednesday.

One improvement with the new software is an updated compatibility with Google's My Location feature. The service, which works in conjunction with Google Maps, uses cell towers to offers users location-relevant searches, finding directions, and .

The update is expected to also improve IMAP compatibility with Gmail, and provide an updated setup wizard for the Web-based e-mail. Palm said it has also improved delivery of e-mail sent to VersaMail accounts using Microsoft's Direct Push Technology.

The company said the software update will also improve e-mail attachments, Bluetooth usability, Sprint TV performance, as well as enhance the AOL instant messaging service. Additionally, the update will change the default camera shutter sound to "on" so users will hear an audible shutter noise when taking pictures.

To download this update, go to the Palm Centro Support Web site and follow the instructions.

Sprint was the first mobile operator to carry the Centro when it was launched last fall, and the smartphone can now be had by Verizon Wireless and AT&T customers. While it has decent business features, Palm aggressively marketed the smartphone for the casual market, and it has paid off.

Since its debut last fall, Palm said it has shipped 1 million units through the end of March. Additionally, officials said they expect to ship 2 million units by the end of the year, although it will be facing harsh competition from Apple's iPhone 3G in the mainstream market.

The touch-screen smartphone has been one of the few bright spots for Palm, which reported a $43.4 million loss for its most recent fiscal quarter.

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