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Sprint Says Samsung Epic 4G A Hit

Sprint on Friday announced that the new Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Android phone is one of its best sellers.
The Samsung Epic 4G is Sprint's second WiMax smartphone, and belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S series of devices running Android 2.1. It is the only Galaxy S variant to include a physical QWERTY keyboard.

It went on sale recently and Sprint says that it "became one of Sprint's best-selling devices for first-day sales." As usual, Sprint didn't share the exact number of devices that it sold.

"We're very excited by the customer response to Samsung Epic 4G and the capabilities of our 4G network," said Fared Adib, vice president of product development for Sprint, in a prepared statement. "With its beautiful Super AMOLED touch-screen, full QWERTY keyboard and two cameras, Samsung Epic 4G is a terrific smartphone that delivers the promise of the Sprint 4G network. As we continue to build out our 4G network, more and more of our customers will realize the benefits of these amazing devices and the realities of life at these blazing-fast speeds."

Adib is right about the display. The AMOLED display shared by the entire Galaxy line of devices is one of the best available.

Speaking of availability, Sprint says that the Epic 4G is available via all of its retail channels, telesales, RadioShack, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and online. Prices for the Epic 4G range between $200 and $250, depending on where you get it. Sprint says that the Epic 4G can be reserved if stores happen to run out of stock.

Sprint has had a hard time keeping its HTC-made EVO 4G, its first WiMax phone, in stock. The EVO 4G's availability is being hindered by the lack of displays. HTC isn't the only manufacturer losing out for the lack of screens. Motorola has had a hard time making enough Droid X devices, too.

Samsung announced several days ago that it has already shipped over one million Galaxy S phones in the U.S. since the Captivate and Vibrant went on sale via AT&T and T-Mobile, respectively. Now that the Epic 4G is available, Samsung's sales figures are sure to rise quickly.

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