Tablet Competition Picks Up Speed

Tablet makers have been busy with lawsuits, price drops, software updates, and new models.
If you've paid attention to the tablet market this week, you know that it was a turbulent one. Lawsuits, price drops, spied gear, oh my! If you haven't been able to keep up, here's a roundup of the news.

HP TouchPad Price Drop: HP permanently dropped the price of its month-old iPad competitor by $100. Now, $399 buys the 16-GB Wi-Fi TouchPad, and $499 buys the 32-GB Wi-Fi TouchPad. Price war, anyone? Full story.

HP TouchPad Go Spotted: An unannounced tablet device from HP was spotted on the Federal Communications Commission website. What did the FCC tell us about it? Not much other than the name, TouchPad Go, and the screen size, which looks to be seven inches. Mini tablet! Full story.

Apple Stops Samsung's Galaxy: Apple was able to get a German court to temporarily ban Samsung from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet across the European Union. Samsung says it is going to fight back. Full story.

Apple Takes On Motorola: In the same lawsuit it filed against Samsung, Apple also asked the German court to block the Motorola Xoom from being sold in the European Union. Motorola isn't going to take the fight sitting down. Motorola says Apple's lawsuit "has no merit" and the company will "vigorously defend Motorola's own product designs." Full story.

Moto Xoom Gets Android 3.1 ... in Europe: Motorola has started delivering the Android 3.1 system upgrade to Xoom owners across the pond on European shores. Motorola says the update is being rolled out in stages, and owners will be alerted when their device is ready to download and install the update. Full Story.

G-Slate Gets Android 3.1, Too: Anyone remember the LG G-Slate tablet over at T-Mobile? Well, G-Slate owners will be happy to know that they, too, can expect to see their device receive the Android 3.1 Honeycomb update in the coming days. Full Story.

Android Tablets Eat Into iPad's Market Share: According to data from ABI Research, Android tablets have made some inroads against market king, the Apple iPad. ABI says that Android tablets now hold 20% of the overall tablet market. But, says ABI, no single Android vendor is getting rich by selling tablets. Full Story.

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