Tesla Cars: 8 Hot Technologies

Tesla Motors' electric vehicles pack plenty of technology breakthroughs. Explore the most innovative features found in these computers on wheels.
Who's hotter than Nikola Tesla? Instead of an internal combustion engine, the Tesla Motors electric vehicles use a three-phas
A computer you can drive They look like automobiles, but the Tesla Motors roadster, Model S sedan, and Model X SUV are really
Touchscreen control The 17-inch capacitive touchscreen display in the Model S is basically the car's command-and-control cent
Over-the-air upgrades It's not unusual these days for a car to be dependent upon software for even the most basic functions.
Give your car a pet name Not catching fire at freeway speeds is always appreciated, of course, but some of our favorite Tesla
Constant connectivity In addition to 3G wireless, Tesla S sedans are WiFi-enabled, allowing you to access WiFi hotspots where
A Tesla we can afford? Most of us have to be content with admiring Tesla Motors vehicles from afar. With pricing that starts
Do we really need a driver? Rumors abound that the next breakthrough from Tesla Motors will be a self-driving car. Tesla has

Just how much technology does a Tesla electric car deliver? Let's start with over-the-air software upgrades, a 17-inch capacitive touchscreen, and a sophisticated array of computer processors.

In fact, you can think of the vehicles essentially as computers you can drive -- complete with 3G wireless and WiFi connectivity.

It's no wonder the Tesla roadster and the Model S generate plenty of buzz despite their limited sales to date and their high price range (starting at $70,000). The much-anticipated Model X will add an SUV to the company's offerings in 2015. Tesla Motors is expected to sell 35,000 vehicles this year.

In 2017, the company plans to introduce the Model 3, a $35,000 electric vehicle, while rumors abound that Tesla Motors is working on a self-driving car.

We're focusing here on the technology in the cars themselves. But Tesla Motors has a tech-forward approach to everything it does, from the sophisticated robotics in its manufacturing plants to its direct sales strategy, which relies on e-commerce, something that is shaking up the automotive industry. In addition, its groundbreaking supercharger stations, which are designed to let drivers recharge their vehicles in the span of a lunch break, are being built out around the country.

Here are the eight hottest technologies in Tesla Motors' electric vehicles, including a look at what the future might hold. Do you drive a Tesla? If so, tell us what you love (or hate) about it. If you're admiring the vehicles from afar, let us know what intrigues you most. Did we leave any of your favorite Tesla Motors technologies off the list?

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