Windows 10, iPads, IoT: Interop Attendees Speak

Watch candid interviews with Interop New York attendees and keynote speaker Harper Reed on 3 hot topics: Windows 10, iPad vs. large-screen phones, and Internet of Things.

Technology professionals are hoping for the best with Windows 10, have mixed opinions on the future of the iPad, and find the Internet of Things intriguing but also more than a little scary.

When cameraman Dave Harding and I set out to do a series of interviews on the show floor, we found lots of people willing to talk (and a few who backed off quickly, apparently deer-in-the-headlights afraid of saying something that their boss might not like).

Some people we met spoke with particular expertise, but our questions were designed to be ones that anyone who cares about technology could answer:

  • What would you like to see in Windows 10? At the time of the conference, Microsoft had just announced its plan to take a quantum leap right past Windows 9 to Windows 10.
  • Has the iPad peaked? Will it fade in importance compared with large-screen phones and other smart mobile gadgets?
  • How do you feel about the Internet of Things trend that has been been discussed so much? Do you want every gadget in your home talking with every other gadget?

We also put these questions to Interop keynote speaker Harper Reed, former CTO of the Obama campaign. He was recruited into politics from the tech team at Threadless and has since gone on to become CEO of Modest Inc. (currently developing mobile shopping technology).

Given his experience with digital politics, we not only asked how the Internet of Things would make its way into our homes (he said he uses a lot of smart home gadgets), but whether we might see smart campaign buttons and other embedded tech finding its way into the future of politics. As you will see, he believes most people are thinking about IoT all wrong.

Reed also turns out to be an Apple die-hard who thinks the iPad is indeed past its prime and wants to own a Microsoft Surface 3.

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