Akorri Rolls Out Virtual Storage Management Software

New software that monitors virtual environments offers a cost-effective option for smaller companies that manage as little as 5 TB of storage.BalancePoint 2.0 from Akorri -- a Littleton, Mass.-based provider of performance management tools for virtualized data centers -- is available as an "actual" or virtual appliance; the latter option helps reduce costs. BalancePoint 2.0 is designed to analyze the health of a company's applications, servers and storage devices. It also offers storage virtualization support for IBM's SAN Volume Controller and Hitachi Data Systems Universal Volume Manager, as well as scorecard reporting that helps companies decipher whether their IT resources match their infrastructures.

Pricing varies according to storage volume, starting at $12,500 for 5 TB and scaling to $75,000 for 30 TB. For data centers with greater storage capacity, enterprise pricing is available.Enterprise Storage Forum

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