AMD, Dell, HP Roll Out Business-Oriented PCs

AMD has announced "business class" versions of its Phenom and Athlon processors, and HP and Dell have followed up with new PC models.AMD is promoting the new endeavor as contributing to the stability of PC platforms and an increase in the length of the PC cycle. Hal Speed, AMD?s marketing architect, said, "We were looking to remove complexity. IT departments don?t like change." PC manufacturers will maintain the business class systems for a minimum of 24 months, and AMD has increased its warranty from one to three years. The computers match AMD's new 780v chipset with triple-core Phenom X3, quad-core Phenom X4, or dual-core Athlon X2 processors.

Dell's new computers will appear in its Optiplex 740 desktops, while HP is adding two new models: the dc5850 and dx2450.CNET News, ZDNet