Apple Ekes Into Top Three For Q2 PC Sales: IDC

Ahead of Acer by just 2,000 units, Apple placed third for U.S. PC sales volume in the second quarter, but ranked first in terms of year-over-year growth, according to an IDC report.From April to June, close to 17 million PCs were sold. The Mac maker, with a 7.8 percent market share, follows Dell (32 percent) and HP (25.1 percent). In terms of growth, however, Apple increased its share by 32 percent compared to Q2 2007 -- more than nine times the industry average. Among reasons for that surge: "There are a number of small and midsize businesses moving to Apple, and some large corporations are testing Apple's products, incorporating a few units here and a few units there," according to an IDC analyst.

Gartner also released its Q2 report, with similar findings in terms of ranking but a much wider gap between Apple and Acer.The Inquirer, Computerworld

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