Apple's WWDC Meta Liveblog: 3G iPhone Announced, Includes GPS

The 3G iPhone is official! It comes with GPS, increased talk and stand-by times, better audio quality, a flush 3.5-mm headset jack, and will be available worldwide on July 11. It will cost $200 for 8 GB, $300 for 16 GB. That puts it on even pricing ground with dozens of competing models.
The 3G iPhone is official! It comes with GPS, increased talk and stand-by times, better audio quality, a flush 3.5-mm headset jack, and will be available worldwide on July 11. It will cost $200 for 8 GB, $300 for 16 GB. That puts it on even pricing ground with dozens of competing models.The fevered entries from the Web's best livebloggers have begun. Sites such as Engadget and Gizmodo have bloggers on site to feed us with everything that happens. Right now, reporters and analysts are still entering the venue. Check back often for more updates.

10:05: Music playing, lights dimming, looks like it's about to kick off.

10:07: Steve Jobs has taken the stage, says that there are 5,200 attendees at the WWDC, the most ever. Apple alone has more than 1,000 engineers on site.

10:10: Jobs has launched into a discussion about iPhone 2.0. He is speaking specifically about the SDK and enterprise support. Gizmodo writes, "Microsoft Exchange, Cisco's VPN, and various other security options demanded by the enterprise have been built in (says Jobs). 35% of the Fortune 500 has taken part in the beta program with the iPhone's enterprise features."

10:13: Jobs is showing videos of enterprise customers who have been testing the iPhone's enterprise features over the last couple of months. Testimonial style.

10:19: Apple's Scott Forestall is going over a lot of details about the iPhone's APIs for the developers in the audience, likening them to the APIs for OS X. Remember that thiis a developer conference...

10:25: During a demonstration of a newly created application, it shows location-based services, perhaps confirmed that the 3G iPhone will also have GPS.

10:27: They are showing off some games that were developed by Sega for the iPhone. Lots of developer content here. No news on any hardware yet.

10:31: A rep from eBay is on stage now. iPhone 2.0 will have a native eBay application with easy access to search for items.

10:35: A number of bloggers are beginning to complain how boring the keynote has been so far. We're an impatient bunch! Get to the good stuff, Apple! A lot of what has been covered was sort of seen in Apple's SDK announcement back in March.

10:37: TypePad demoed a mobile blogging tool that allows you to publish blog posts complete with pictures. I can do this already with Google's Blogspot tools...

10:48: So far the demos of all sorts of apps have been endless. Lots of games, eBay, Loopt, music program, etc. If they aren't free, Apple is charging $9.99 for them. $10 for a mobile app? Hmm.

10:51: MBL app, driving app using the iPhone as the steering wheel (making use of the accelerometer, etc.) Most apps will be available "in a few weeks," possibly meaning that the iPhone App Store won't be launching for a while.

10:56: Two different medical companies demonstrated applications. One is for medical students. Modality is for medical students to view body parts and see where everything is. According to Gizmodo, the second app lets, "Doctors flip stuff around and view images from various angles. Pinch, double tap, and various other current photo-viewing actions can be used in their app. There's even on-screen measurement lines you can draw to see, say, how big a tumor is. It disappears when you shake the phone (accelerometer use)."

11:01: Apple's Forestall is back on stage and bashing Windows Mobile's task manager and showing how it drains battery life without providing any real improved application switching abilities. Gizmodo writes, "Apple's come up with a 'better' solution, which is a Push notification service for all developers. Example: when you're running an IM app, you're actively connected to the server. When you're not running it, the notification service will maintain an IP connection with the server, which will push updates to various apps. Developers can push badges, which tells you how many alerts are waiting, custom alert sounds, and custom textual alerts (like the SMS alert currently)."

11:05: Steve returns to the stage, starts talking about new iPhone features. Engadget writes, "We've got a few new features. The first one: contact search. Type in a few chars, instantly find who you're looking for. Second? Full iWork document support -- Pages, Numbers, and of course, Keynote. Great way to look at your iWork docs on the go. And we've completed MS Office support: Word, Excel, and now PowerPoint, too."

11:10: New features for iPhone 2.0: Contact search, parental controls, added languages, scientific calculator. iPhone firmware 2.0 not available until early July.

11:16: iPhone Apps Store. Will be available in 62 countries. Pricing of apps will be set by the developers. Developers will keep 70% of revenue. iPhone users will be able to wirelessly download apps via Wi-Fi and cellular as long as the app is smaller than 10 MB. If it is larger than 10 MB, the apps will need to be downloaded via a PC.

11:20: Apple has re-realized the .Mac idea and is rebranding it MobileMe. It is a new set of Web 2.0 tools to manage online content. Gizmodo writes, "MobileMe stores your info up in the cloud so you can get to it anywhere using any of your devices -- Mac, PC, iPhone. It will push information up and down to keep everything up-to-date all the time."

11:25: Engadget writes, "So that's MobileMe, an incredible new experience for all your information. It's like having Exchange for the rest of us. Push e-mail, contacts, calendars -- works with native apps on the Mac and PC. And most exciting are these incredible new web apps. The perfect companion."

11:27: MobileMe will cost $99 a year (just like .Mac), and will have a 60-day free trial. It will give users 20 GB of iDisk space. MobileMe replaces .Mac, but .Mac users can keep using their content, and can automatically upgrade to MobileMe whenever they want.

11:30: It is finally official, the 3G iPhone is here!

11:39: From Gizmodo: The 3G iPhone's standby is 300 hours. 2G talk time is up to 10 hours from 8 hours. 3G talk time is 5 hours. (Jobs says other phones have about 3 hours.) Browsing, 5-6 hours of 3G browsing. Video is 7 hours, and audio is 24 hours.

11:46: It will be affordable! $200 for an 8 GB version, and $300 for a 16 GB version. It will come in white and black.

11:49: The new iPhone will be available worldwide on July 11. We have to wait a whole month! (Turns out my source was wrong on the availability. Oh, well.)

Looks like that is it. I am out, folks.