Apple Speeds Up iMac Line

The Register, InformationWeek
Apple has bumped up the speed of its iMac all-in-one computers with faster Intel Core 2 Duo chips and an optional powerful graphics processor on the high-end model.The new line features a 20-inch 2.4-GHz (up from 2.0 GHz) model, a 20-inch 2.66-GHz model (up from 2.4), and a 24-inch 2.8-GHz model (up from 2.4). Prices of those models remain unchanged, at $1,199, $1,499, and $1,799 respectively. There's also a build-to-order model available with a 3.06-GHz processor and an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS graphics chip at $2,199.

According to Apple, the new iMacs rate Silver on the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) scale and meet Energy Star 4.0 requirements for power consumption. The Register, InformationWeek