Chromebook Vs. Chromebook: Measuring Acer's C910, C740

The massive Chromebook 15 C910 dominates in size and processing power, but the smaller C740 wins for on-the-go productivity.

Chromebook budget laptops are built to last and are known for offering decent quality with reasonable price tags.

Acer is a leader in the Chromebook market, capturing 36% in 2014, reports Forbes. Its devices are often associated with educational environments but could alternatively transition to business use.

It's easy to see how these inexpensive devices would be ideal for education -- if you're going to have kids on laptops, best to choose the least expensive and most durable products on the market. That aside, Chromebooks also merit consideration from professionals on the run.

The two recently released Chromebooks, the Acer C910 and C740, are distinctly different in size.

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The larger C910, the first of its size, is designed to be used in commercial or educational environments. Its design makes it a suitable choice for individuals who need more screen space or frequently share devices, such as students in a laboratory.

Acer's C910 is a strong option for professionals who need to maximize productivity during frequent travel. Its large trackpad makes it easy to navigate a larger screen, and a 4-cell LiPolymer battery should last for eight hours of use, according to Acer.

Traveling professionals who don't mind a smaller screen (or who tend to drop/bump their laptops) may instead consider the Acer C740, a followup to Acer's earlier C720. The newer model is similar to its predecessor but has a more durable design and projected nine hours of battery life.

Obviously, size isn't everything. If you're looking to do some video editing or intense gaming, the C740 won't be able to meet your needs. If you're looking for a basic device that can support Internet browsing and word processing, however, it's a solid pick.

Read on to learn more about the C910 and C740 and see them side by side. Do you use a Chromebook? Would you purchase a low-budget device for productive travel? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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