Fujitsu Adds Self-Monitoring, Correcting Software to PCs and Servers

Fujitsu Siemens announced that it will be including the Questra Intelligent Device Management Application Suite on all its computer systems, starting with its Primergy server in September.The Questra suite creates a "digital IT service desk," according to Fujitsu, and will be able to identify and fix problems "immediately as or even before they occur, without onsite intervention."

Questra CEO Emil Wang said the software "will have already identified, interrogated and resolved problems by the time rival helpdesk service organizations receive their first traditional help desk call?.

Said Richard Schlauri, executive vice president of Infrastructure Services at Fujitsu Siemens, "Reporting problems via phone or email to a helpdesk agent becomes an outdated practice, as today?s machine-to-machine communication is more efficient and can even prevent future problems from arising. Today, this technology is an innovation but we are sure that it will quickly become a standard in the IT services business."The Inquirer, Fujitsu Siemens press release

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