Health IT Lacks Innovation, Integration

An HP executive's assertion that the healthcare sector isn't investing enough in health IT is backed up by a Dow Jones study.
HP's work with healthcare providers, hospitals, home health providers, and insurance companies, both in the United States and abroad, has given Kim greater insight and a sense that healthcare technology won't provide a quick fix.

"Right now we need to simplify the technology experience in healthcare. It's too complicated. We have too many point solutions, too many vendors, too many competing point products, and none of this stuff can get integrated together," Kim said.

He noted that HP will bring its handheld devices, laptops, storage, and other technology together as it provides solutions that capture information at the point of care and store patient information which can be retrieved when needed.

"We want to have a converged infrastructure and data center in the background where we are managing, integrating, and archiving all of this information in the back office system," Kim said. "Eventually, we need to express this information back into the workflow. We have to simplify how information is captured, managed, shared, and turned into intelligence," Kim added.

According to Kim, while technology is important, its main purpose is to support a person's wellness, which encompasses four factors: healthcare, the genes we are born with, the environment in which we live, and the lifestyle we lead. Kim said these trends indicate that healthcare needs to be much more personal, and those offering technology solutions should focus their attention on providing individuals with data that helps them make informed decisions about their health.

"I think this word 'patient' will probably change over time in the healthcare context. I think patients will just be viewed as consumers," Kim said. "Going forward we need to empower individuals to manage their own health, we need to understand our own personal genetic profiles and the decisions we make daily to get the best care for our health needs," Kim added.