Hitachi Upgrades 1-TB Deskstar Drives

Energy efficiency is front and center for Hitachi Global Storage Technologies' second-generation terabyte hard drive, one of two new drives the vendor unveiled today.Set to ship later this month starting at $239, the 3.5-inch Deskstar 7K1000.B uses a three-disk design (two less than its predecessor), which improves idle power consumption by 43 percent and "significantly" lowers the cost of nonactive drives on electric bills, according to the company. The new drives also better protect data--160 GB to 1 TB worth--with Bulk Data Encryption security that trumps software or system-level security measures, and doesn't affect system performance.

Hitachi has also introduced the high-end 3.5-inch Deskstar E7K1000 disk drive, designed for low-duty-cycle operations for multidrive server and storage systems, RAID arrays and video surveillance devices. Pricing starts at $280 for capacities ranging from 500 GB to 1 TB.Computerworld, Crave/CNET

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