HP Announces Portable Data Center

HP is readying a container-based, portable data center that it says allows customers to quickly add capacity to their existing data centers while managing energy costs.Equivalent to 4,000-plus square feet of typical data center capacity, HP's Performance Optimized Data Center (POD) includes more than 3,500 compute nodes, or 12,000 large form factor hard drives, for a total of 12 petabytes of storage. The HP POD uses standard-size racks so that it can include gear from competing vendors, according to the company.

A 20-foot or 40-foot shipping container takes about six weeks from order time to delivery -- a far cry from the year it takes to build a full-blown data center from scratch. HP hasn't revealed pricing for the POD, which will be available in the United States by the end of this quarter.

HP's announcement comes a month after IBM rolled out three modular data centers of its own.InfoWorld, Internet News

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