HP Intros Desktop With Solid-State Drive

Hewlett-Packard is taking the wraps off a desktop PC appropriate for customers that rely mainly on a single application.The offering is actually a new version of HP?s Compaq DC7800 series desktop PC, which was initially introduced last September, but now has an option of adding a 16-GB solid-state drive (SSD), according to CNET

SSDs use memory chips instead of rotating platters for data storage, thereby lowering power consumption while increasing performance compared to hard-disk drives (HDDs). Those advantages, of course, come with a price: Right now SDD is more expensive than HDD -- a 16-GB SSD costs about $300, compared with $120 for an 80-GB HDD, said Kirk Godkin, HP?s senior product manager for business PCs.

"This is not a mainstream product," added Godkin, who said HP will eventually offer 32-GB or 64-GB SSDs as they gain mass appeal.CNET