India's Enterprise Software Startups

I'll be at the India IT industry's Nasscom conference in Mumbai this week, and one thing I'll be looking to learn is how fertile people feel the ground is for Indian startups making business software products. One key ingredient is certainly for more Indian professionals to do what Manav Garg has: Leave a BigCo salary job for the uncertainty of startups. Garg and others say the startup culture that fuels that is just starting to take root in India.
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TechWeb Weekly Update - Thursday, Feb 14, 2008

Top Story

Google: Web Browsing, Search Growing More Risky
Google has found more than 3 million unique URLs on more than 180,000 Web sites that attempt to install malware on visitors' computers.

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Laptops For Less: 25 Notebooks Under $600
Our handy guide to the best and latest low-cost notebook computers from Acer, Compaq, Dell, Everex, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, and Toshiba.

Yahoo Launches 'oneConnect' For Mobile
The communications service is scheduled to be rolled out as part of Yahoo Go 3.0 and Yahoo's new mobile home page in the second quarter of this year.

Smartphone And Mobile Device Guide
Smartphone And Mobile Device Guide

E-Mail Carries Love And Viruses For Valentine's Day
The FBI is warning that an unexpected e-card in your in-box may contain the Storm Worm virus.

Net Neutrality Returns To Top Of Washington's Agenda
The debate reignited this week as the FCC preps for a hearing on net neutrality and lawmakers introduce a bill on the issue.

Editor's Picks

Apple Seeks Patent For 'Podmaps'
Apple put podcasts on the map with its iPod and iTunes combination. Now it wants to put maps in podcasts.

Malware: One Victim's Story
Tim, who suffers from spinal and liver cancer, visited a Web site he saw on TV and lost control of his computer to rogue anti-virus software.

Tech Pay Hit Quarterly High, Then Dropped Off, Says Report
Average wages fell 88 cents to $31.51 in November, based on data on nearly 5,000 tech professionals contracted out for long- and short-term projects.


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News of the Week

Online Travel Sees Offline Touch For Cruise
Some companies are finding best results by involving human sales people rather than pushing resistant travelers to book expensive trips on the Internet.

Vonage Shows Narrow Quarterly Loss As Subscribers Rise
The Internet phone company faces growing competition from cable and Internet companies that offer bundles of services that include voice, Internet, and video.

Social Network Bebo Extends Reach On Mobile Phones
The company has teamed up with Intercasting to build on its 40 million-plus members.

Mozilla Releases Firefox 3 Beta 3
Firefox 3 Beta 3 includes more than 1,300 fixes and is intended for testers and developers; casual Internet users are advised not to download it.

Threat Of Jail Time Increases Respect For Copyright, Microsoft Says
Microsoft has launched a campaign to teach teens about intellectual property rights and the risks they face when breaking the law.

EMC To Offer Data Hosting Service, Says SAP Exec
EMC, the biggest maker of corporate storage gear, is setting up a data hosting service for companies dubbed "EMC Cloud," a senior executive with German software maker SAP AG said Wednesday.

Fired Yahoos Take To Blogs
Sympathy -- and controversy -- are reactions to laid-off employees' chronicles of their role in Tuesday's staff reduction.

Writer's Strike Ends, Viewers To Get Network Shows Again
The three-year contract would provide screenwriters with residual payments for digital broadcasts.

Google's Share Of U.S. Online Ad Market Dips
Google's share of the U.S. online advertising market was 23.7%, down from 24.2% in the third quarter, the search engine's first drop in two years, IDC says.

Major Yahoo Investor Urges Microsoft To Raise Offer
Yahoo's second-biggest investor urged Microsoft to raise its $42 billion bid for the Web pioneer and warned Yahoo it has few options left, raising the pressure on them to seal a deal.

Wal-Mart Mandates E-Health Tools For Patient Care
The emergence in the last few years of convenience health clinics operated in the stores of retailers has brought an unexpected twist.

Yahoo Acquires Online Video Company Maven Networks
Maven's technology delivers content and ads to more than 30 media companies, including Fox News, Gannett, The Financial Times, Hearst, E.W. Scripps and CBS Sports.

Yahoo Rejection Of Microsoft Bid Draws First Shareholder Suit
The Wayne County Employees' Retirement System of Michigan filed a lawsuit asking the court to force Yahoo to consider takeover offers.

U.S. Government Plans For Increased IP Enforcement
A Department of Commerce report highlights an increased need to protect small and medium-sized businesses here and abroad.

YuMe Bolsters Online Video Ad Platform
YuMe's Adaptive Campaign Engine is an integrated software suite for serving ads matched to viewers' tastes, online profiles, and viewing habits.

Dell Acquires His Brother's SaaS Company For $155 Million
The deal highlights a new trend among hardware companies to offer on-demand services for management of data, software and systems.

Microsoft, Yahoo Court Small Businesses
Microsoft has made changes to its licensing model and upgraded Office Live, while Yahoo created a cheap Web hosting service and upgraded the Zimbra collaboration suite.

Intel Says Munich Offices Raided By EU Commission
The European Commission has carried out antitrust raids on the offices of Intel.

Two Arrests Made In Separate Chinese Espionage Cases
A Department of Defense analyst and former Boeing employee have links to the espionage case of a former defense contractor at Power Paragon.

BlackBerry Users Experience Service Outage
North American customers reported problems sending and receiving e-mail and other documents.

Microsoft Pushes Yahoo Bid Forward Despite Rejection
Yahoo announced earlier that its board had unanimously rejected Microsoft's proposal on the basis of being "significantly undervalued" in Microsoft's bid. Update Focuses On Collaboration, Content Management
CRM takes second billing in the SaaS vendor's thrice-yearly software update.

Critics Throw Stones At Security Of Adobe's Flash
The problem with Flash is its absence of controls to disable behavior like Web site redirection, critics say.

AOL Launches Open Mobile Platform
Developers are expected to share ad revenue with AOL by displaying in their applications advertising supplied by the Web portal.

Microsoft, Yahoo Mull Options In Takeover Battle
Yahoo may have rejected Microsoft's $44.6 billion acquisition bid Monday, but both companies still have options to weigh. Here's what each side could do.

WGA Suspends Strike, Announced Deal In Contract Dispute
Writers will receive 2% of the gross receipts that retailers earn from advertising that supports content distributed via the Internet.

Yahoo Rejects Microsoft's Bid, Takeover Battle Enters New Phase
Yahoo's board of directors unanimously rejected Microsoft's bid, which it said "substantially undervalues Yahoo."

Startup Of The Week: Lands A Blue Chip Account
E-mail-powered sales tool is aimed at individual users, yet broader adoption often follows.

Biltmore Hotels Save Paper, Printing Costs Through Digitized Docs
The chain's CIO gives employees the option of working with a digital document to reduce the number of printers and expensive ink cartridge replacements.

ComScore Says 'Researchware' Isn't 'Spyware'
Despite criticism, the company maintains that users appreciate the download accelerators, games, and screen savers that come with the company's tracking software.

U.S. Downturn To Hit Hardware More Than Software
Analysts say business software makers look better placed to ride out a recession as they help boost companies' efficiency.

Yahoo Investor Reportedly Met With Microsoft CEO
Capital Research and Management wants to know how much more the software maker might pay if Yahoo rejects the initial offer, the New York Post said.

U.S. Online Video Views Top 10 Billion
The average online video lasted 2.8 minutes, and the average viewer watched 72 videos, according to a ComScore survey.

Timbaland To Release First Mobile Album On V-Cast
The artist widely known for hits like "Apologize" and "The Way I Are" will become Verizon Wireless' first Mobile Producer in Residence.

TrueSpace Maker Caligari Acquired By Microsoft, CEO Says
The company's 3-D imaging technology is expected to be used to bolster Microsoft's Virtual Earth project.

Mozilla Issues Firefox Security Update
The update addresses 10 security advisories, three of which Mozilla classifies as critical.

Tech Companies To Get Some Help From Stimulus Plan
CompTIA estimates the bill will give laborers newer IT tools with which to be more productive and average Americans cash to purchase IT.

Yahoo Launches Live Video Service
The experiment reflects a strategy of building and launching services quickly, and responding to the immediate market feedback.

Breaking news

Next-Gen Mobile Phones Strut Their Stuff In Barcelona
LG Electronics, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Nokia all unveiled new phones with touch screens.

Google Updates Android SDK
The latest version of Google's Android SDK updates the platform's application programming interfaces and developer tools.

Fear The Google Blacklist
What happens when search engine optimization backfires? Hitwise researchers illustrate one cautionary tale.

Nvidia Completes Acquisition Of Gaming Software Maker Ageia
Ageia's software and hardware, which adds realism to the video game experience, will be added to Nvidia's graphics processing technology.

SAP's Business Objects To Release Major Upgrade Next Month
SAP plans to integrate Business Objects' data management technologies with its own, and link its BI Accelerator appliance to non-SAP data sources.


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