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iPad With Camera Coming Soon?

Published report says Apple may forego its traditional yearly upgrade cycle and release a new version of the tablet in time for the holidays.
Apple is planning to release a version of the iPad that includes a built-in camera with support for the FaceTime video conferencing application, according to a published report.

iPad teardown shot via FCC.
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The camera-equipped iPad could even be in stores in time for the 2010 holiday season, said the report, published by Apple Insider.

The blog, popular with Apple gadget fans, cited an anonymous source whom it said had detailed knowledge of Apple's product roadmap. "Apple's iPad is unlikely to endure the company's traditional 12-month cycle for iOS device refreshes before seeing its first major enhancements," Apple Insider said in the report, published Friday.

"A version of the tablet device with a built-in video camera and support for the new FaceTime video conferencing standard has already progressed to the advanced testing stages," the blog reported. Apple, which typically upgrades its products on an annual schedule, has not commented on the report.

Apple introduced the iPad earlier this year. Since then, it's been one of the tech industry hottest selling products. Indeed, Apple has said it sold three million iPads in the first 80 days the touch-screen tablet computer was on the market.

Apple is positioning the iPad—essentially an oversized iPod touch--as an all-purpose handheld that's optimized for e-reading, viewing videos and images, and gaming.

Pricing for the Wi-Fi only version, which features 802.11 connectivity, starts at $499 for the 16GB model, $599 for the 32GB model, and $699 for the 64GB version. The Wi-Fi + 3G versions are priced higher. The 16GB model is $629, the 32GB model is $729, and the 64GB version is priced at $829.