Boing Boing has a roundup of New Orleans blogs, Webcams, and other Web resources for news about Hurricane Katrina.

Request Hold-Mail Service Online Taking a trip? The U.S. Postal Service will let you go online to request a hold on delivery of your postal mail.

US Air Force's teleportation study The Air Force has been researching teleportation a la Star Trek, while China is investigating psychic teleportation.

Traffic ticket update: We won! A Boing Boing editor beat a $190 traffic ticket with the help of a $25 piece of shareware called TicketAssassin.

InformationWeek Home Page from 1995 I came across this historical artifact while Googling for something else. Twiddle the issue number for other old home pages.

Thieves use Bluetooth phones to target cars with laptops in them "Thieves in Cambridge, England are using the 'detect nearby Bluetooth devices' feature in their mobile phones to figure out which cars have laptops locked in them so that they know which cars to break into."

Geek Squad VWs ticketed for violating California law prohibiting cars that look like police cars.

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