Lotus Notes for iPhone: Not Yet

Last week's reports of the imminent arrival of Lotus Notes for the iPhone were apparently premature. According to an IBM spokesperson, "It's not...ready to go out and market or launch."Lotus Notes is workgroup software that offers mainly e-mail capabilities but also scheduling and productivity applications. Analysts are divided on the effect that bringing the product to the iPhone might have: Gartner has advised businesses against adopting the iPhone for security reasons--which means they see it as a real possibility--while an analyst at Australia's Intelligent Business Research Services said, "I can't really imagine someone who's really hip and cool--like an iPhone user--wanting to use Lotus Notes."

In any case, SMBs who were looking forward to equipping their mobile workers with the Notes workgroup software will have to wait. The Associated Press had reported last week that the iPhone version woujld be introduced at IBM's Lotusphere conference, but it seems that they jumped the gun.CNET