Macworld Features Small Business Products from Microsoft, Others

With Macworld Expo 2008 set to open tomorrow, there's widespread speculation about what new products might make their debut. Apple's intentions are still a secret, but other exhibitors, including Microsoft, will have software and hardware useful for small businesses.The biggest splash (outside of whatever Apple announces) is likely to be made by the introduction of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. The new Office creates files in the same Open XML file formats as Windows Office does, making it easier to manage multiplatform workplaces. According to early testers, it also has features useful for small business, such as templates for creating reports, invoices, and budgets.

Other exhibitors at the show will have new collaboration tools, easy software for taking product shots for catalogs or eBay, scanners and printers, and medical practice management software. As more small businesses consider the Mac, vendors are stepping up to provide the tools a business needs.CNN Money

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