Mark Cuban Says The Internet Is Boring. Oh, That It Were So

The thing he ignores: the wireless Web.
Mark Cuban's recent blog entry pays tribute to the Internet by declaring it boring. It works, and we take it for granted. He compares it to indoor plumbing, with similar dependence and lack of excitement.

The thing he ignores: the wireless Web.Cuban's entry says: "I dont get excited about enhancements made to the electrical or plumbing infrastructure, and I no longer get excited about the marginal enhancements being made to our digital distribution infrastructure."

But if the Internet is akin to water, today's wireless Web is a leaky sack made from a goat's bladder. It might get you the sip you need to stay alive in the desert, but it's far from the long, cool bottomless cup you're dreaming of. (Here's our take on the state of WiMax and the wireless Web.)

Cuban feels like everything "new" on the Web--including blogging--isn't all that new or innovative. Yet even the most fundamental tool of the Internet--search--changes dramatically when it can be done fast and easy from a mobile handheld. Put me down as longing for the day I can be bored with the reliability and function of the wireless Web.

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