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Top 10 iPhone 5 Rumors

Apple is about to unveil the next iPhone. Press invitations to Wednesday's announcement have gone out, and soon all the rumors will be put to rest. The invitation itself seems to confirm once and for all at least one fact: the name of the phone. The number 12--for the Sept. 12 date of the announcement--casts a shadow in the shape of a five, and the invitation teases, "It's almost here". What else could "it" be but Apple's new flagship product, the iPhone 5? Unlike in years past when we w

It's said the iPhone 5 screen will be almost four inches, with a resolution of 640 pixels by 1136 pixels. This is very close to a 16:9 aspect ratio. This would be the first time Apple has changed the screen size of its handset, but it might be a necessary move due to the competition.

Several leaks about the bigger screen size have confirmed each other. Note the inset picture above. The changed aspect ratio of the screen means that there is more vertical space in portrait mode than in previous iPhones. One predicted outcome is that Apple will add another row of icons to the home screen. The inset shows one more row than on current iPhones.

Probability: Very likely. Practically confirmed at this point.

(Image credit: chrisbrownie91 on YouTube.)

A photo that recently hit the Internet showed a box with an iPhone that read, "The New iPhone." Right away, it spread like any other Apple rumor and has people speculating, but no one can confirm the validity of the photo.

Probability: I'm not counting on a name change at this point. While it's possible, and I could be eating my words in a few days, I am going to have to go with a "no". Apple's press invitation clearly features a '5' on the image, and says "It's almost here." Both of these details imply that "it" is the iPhone 5.

On the other hand, the image above does make a good case that Apple will do what it did with the most recent iPad and announce "The New iPhone - 5th Generation".

(Credit: Dutch iPhone blog.)

From the start, we heard rumors that the iPhone 5 would have a smaller dock connector. Photos popped up, then parts, then accessories. At this point, we can probably consider it truth. The exact number of pins remains unclear, but we've heard between eight and nine.

Probability: This is as good as real. There have been several leaks and pictures on this one, and they all come from multiple sources with their own set of independent Apple insiders.

(Image credit: chrisbrownie91 on YouTube.)

It's not completely clear how much thinner the iPhone 5 will be than the current iPhone. However, we've heard that the touch panel will be thinner, as will the screen, which is reportedly made of Corning's Gorilla Glass 2. Leaked images of a phone that looks thinner than the current model seems to bear out this rumor.

Probability: Count on it. All clues point to "yes."

(Image credit: chrisbrownie91 on YouTube.)

iMore, the website that originally broke the Sept. 12 announcement date, says the iPhone 5 will go on sale Sept. 21. iMore definitely knows someone on the inside, as it has been very accurate in the past.

Probability: Not only have iMore's past predictions been accurate, Sept. 21 falls in line with Apple's usual announce/release timetable: the phone goes on sale roughly one week after the scheduled announcement, on a Friday, perfect for shoppers.

4G LTE hasn't been discussed as much as other features, but it makes sense, given that the third-generation iPad has 4G capabilities. That, and the fact that Apple is facing increased competition from other handset manufacturers. It has to jump on LTE if it wants to keep up with rivals such as HTC and Samsung. Also, on Friday the Wall Street Journal reported that the new iPhone would support LTE, citing "people familiar with the matter."

Probability: I'd put my money on 4G. Apple's smart phone is overdue for the update.

The near-field communications (NFC) rumor has been around for some time now. In fact, it was a pre-iPhone 4S rumor.

Probability: Not going to happen. The technology hasn't become significant enough for Apple to care much about it, and a mystery part that many thought was an NFC chip in a leaked photo is more likely to be a bracket that holds a component such as the FaceTime camera, proximity sensor, or earpiece speaker, according to recent reports.

A few days ago, pictures of some earbuds that were said to be part of Apple's new design emerged. They have a totally new look, and might be built with comfort in mind, as the current earbuds have been criticized for being uncomfortable.

Probability: We can't know this for sure. Most of the other rumors are as good as confirmed. Let's go with yes: Apple hasn't updated the earbuds in about five years, and it loves to overhaul its gear every so often.

(Image credit: Tinh te.)

The metal backplate is another feature we've seen in leaked photos and videos. This is entirely reasonable, and would not only allow for a unibody-type design if Apple chose it, but would eliminate the glass back of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, which are prone to shattering when dropped. It would mean a lighter phone, extra durability--and fewer angry customers with broken phones.

Probability: We say it's happening. There have been enough photos and video leaks to orove it's true.

(Image credit: chrisbrownie91 on YouTube.)

Headphone jack moved to bottom of phone, centered FaceTime camera, and an extra microphone on the back--all are largely cosmetic changes we've seen in one leak after another. The headphone jack is down near the charging dock, the FaceTime camera looks to be centered at the top of the phone, and there is an extra microphone on the back of the phone, between the rear-facing camera and the flash. The extra mic is said to help with noise cancellation.

Probability: We say it's going to happen. Photos don't lie, unless they've been Photoshopped.

(Image credit: chrisbrownie91 on YouTube.)

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