Mobile Video Calling Gets Boost

Global IP Solutions released a video engine it said can deliver high-quality peer-to-peer videoconferencing on smartphones.
With Global IP Solutions' latest release, videoconferencing from a mobile handset may soon become more accessible. The company's VideoEngine Mobile for the Windows Mobile platform enables peer-to-peer video calling and multiport videoconferencing on cell phones. Handset manufacturers and vendors are the primary market for the product.

GIPS has experience in the mobile VoIP space, and the company told InformationWeek that video was a natural progression.

"Mobile VoIP is increasingly becoming an important service for users who seek to maximize the value received from mobile phones," said William Stofega, research manager at IDC's VoIP services program, in a statement. "With video calling, the mobile operators can now deliver the full benefits and innovations of IP communications, allowing them to offer more value-added services to customers while increasing their revenue streams."

Certain smartphones can already pull off video calling, but GIPS said the existing products utilize separate engines for the video and voice function, leading to jittering and packet-loss issues. GIPS said its VideoEngine Mobile can solve issues like lip synchronization even under adverse network conditions.

"Today's mobile phone users demand the best in quality and rich functionality, which is why there is an enormous opportunity for application developers and wireless carriers to offer real-time video calls to the masses," Emerick Woods, CEO of GIPS, said in a statement. "Our expertise in enabling IP communications will allow mobile phone users the highest-quality video calling experience possible."

The GIPS product represents the first step for increasing video calling, but handset makers and carriers need to get on board before it can get widespread adoption. In terms of the physical device, the video-calling engine needs to be implemented from the beginning for maximum efficiency. GIPS also said the product can offer wireless carriers an opportunity to increase customers' data use, and thus increase the average revenue per user.

The company said it expects the VideoEngine Mobile to be available on other popular mobile platforms like Symbian and Apple's iPhone in the near future.

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