N.Y. County Holds Giant Online Garage Sale

Nassau County is selling a 4,200-square-foot home alongside cufflinks, collectible pens, highway maintenance equipment, power generators, scrap metal, and cameras.
Nassau County in New York is holding what it calls the biggest online garage sale.

Workers from the county's office of purchasing rounded up surplus property and put the goods up for sale at Auctions International to make more efficient use of space and generate extra revenue. Available for purchase: old pianos, jewelry, cars, trucks, land, restaurant equipment, computers, medical equipment, tools, furniture, and more items culled from the corners of closets and basements.

"We are very excited to offer our items through this auction site and hope you take advantage of the many unique items and bargains," county leaders explained on their Web site.

Nassau County is selling a 4,200-square-foot home with a minimum bid of $950,000, alongside cufflinks, collectible pens, watches, highway maintenance equipment, electrical and plumbing supplies, power generators, compressors, scrap metal, and cameras.

A toy metal Gulf tanker trunk from 1918, seized by the District Attorney's Office, had drawn a bid of $51 by Thursday morning. A patrol boat and a weather station had each drawn starting bids of $5.

And, although its inventory is greater than other municipalities, with hundreds of items for sale at once, it's not alone. Auctions International sells items from small towns and municipalities throughout New York State. The Buffalo-based company has begun to attract sellers from as far away as Michigan. A private seller is offering a 26-year-old, 25-foot sailboat for a minimum bid of $7,000.

The auction company also lists and holds live auctions. Buyers can look up past prices and they can access sellers' phone numbers for inquiries before bidding.

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