Samsung Debuts Wi-Fi Only Tab, Android Media Player

At CES today, Samsung introduced a new media player based on Google's Android platform. It also announced a new version of the Galaxy Tab.
The Galaxy Tab, which is available from five of the cellular carriers in the U.S. with a cellular data radio inside, is set to be joined by a new version. The latest variation on the Tab will cut out the cellular radio inside and offer internet connectivity via Wi-Fi only.

When Apple's iPad went on sale, it was first available only with Wi-Fi. The 3G version didn't become available until later. Samsung took the opposite approach here.

The Wi-Fi only Galay Tab will be available in the first quarter of the year, though Samsung didn't say for how much and via what channels. Samsung also didn't discuss pricing.

Samsung also announced an Android-based media player. The Galaxy Player has the same 4-inch super AMOLED that's found on Samsung's Galaxy S phones. It will have full access to the Samsung Media Hub, which lets users browse for and download movies, music and television shows. It also has access to the Android Market for games and other apps. It will be available later this year.

Speaking of the Media Hub, Samsung also announced a new content partner for the Hub. CBS has agreed to work with Samsung and provide content to Samsung’s Media Hub service. As part of the new agreement with CBS, Media Hub users will be able to purchase single episodes or full seasons of several of its programs, including next day TV programming like “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “NCIS,” “The Good Wife” and “Survivor.”

Samsung’s agreement with CBS is the latest addition to the Media Hub content provider lineup including MTV Networks, NBC Universal, Paramount and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

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