SanDisk: Vista Holding Back SSD Performance

The chairman and CEO of storage hardware vendor SanDisk said that growth of the solid state drive (SSD) market is being hampered by limitations of the Vista operating system."As soon as you get into Vista applications in notebook and desktop, you start running into very demanding applications because Vista is not optimized for flash memory solid-state disk," said Eli Harari. "The next generation controllers need to basically compensate for Vista shortfalls," he said.

The next generation of SSDs will use multilevel cell technology to increase capacity, which will require more advanced controllers. "We have very good internal controller technology," Harari continued. That said, I'd say that we are now behind because we did not fully understand, frankly, the limitations in the Vista environment." SanDisk expects the next generation of SSDs, with capacities from 128 to 256 GB, to be delivered next year.CNET News

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