Sony Ericsson Combines Flash and Mobile Java

In the latest move to make the smartphone experience more like life on the desktop, Sony Ericsson is rolling out new technology that lets developers combine Java ME and Adobe Flash Lite into a single Java application.The technology, called Project Capuchin, will provide developers with a tool to create applications with Flash Lite as the front-end interface for the feature-rich, widely deployed Java ME infrastructure. The result: "A much smoother, more elegant software interface and user interface. It will make it easier for developers to do things you could do previously but not easily," an AIG Research SVP told

Project Capuchin will be available as a set of APIs in the second half of this year, at which time Sony Ericsson will also support it in most of its own phones. The company says it also intends to offer the tech to the broader mobile community, likely in the form of open