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Sun To Buy MySQL In $1B Open-Source Deal

In what?s being hailed as the largest open-source software deal to date, Sun Microsystems has agreed to acquire open-source database vendor MySQL.The $1 billion buy positions Sun as owner of a critical part of the popular LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL Perl/Python/PHP) open-source software stack, according to InfoWorld.

While Sun acknowledged that the merger strengthens its position in enterprise IT, "the combination of MySQL and Sun represents an enormous opportunity for users and organizations of all sizes seeking innovation, growth and choice," said MySQL CEO Marten Mickos in a statement.

The jury is still out on SMBs? open-source takeup. According to a November report by The 451 Group, despite open source?s free or lower cost, easy accessibility, and freedom from vendor lock-in and license nightmares?all of great appeal to smaller companies?the SMB market has been difficult to crack.InfoWorld, CNET