T-Mobile 3G Service, Android Phone Due Oct. 1?

T-Mobile is widely rumored to be preparing to introduce a Google Android-based phone when it rolls out its nationwide 3G service, which may come as early as October 1.T-Mobile has already said it would roll out 3G cellular broadband service to major markets by the end of the year, expanding the service it launched in New York City in May. And the company has also announced that it will offer a device based on the Google Android open standard for cell phones. Reports now tie the two events together, claiming that T-Mobile will launch the service on October 1 in 20-some new cities, accompanied by release of the HTC Dream 3G-capable smartphone.

The launch will supposedly also include the Sony-Ericsson Z780, an unnamed Samsung cameraphone, and the Motorola ZINE ZN5. A T-Mobile spokesperson declined to comment on the specifics of the launch date or the devices that would be available.CNET News, Electronista

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