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T-Mobile Hints New Gadgets Coming September 26

Likely on deck from T-Mobile USA: A new version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
In an email sent to InformationWeek, T-Mobile implied that it has some new gear primed for release on Monday, September 26. The email was sent as part of blanket response to a story that appeared Tuesday concerning T-Mobile and the iPhone 5. T-Mobile CMO Cole Brodman was quoted as saying the company would not be selling the iPhone 5 this year.

T-Mobile's statement reads: "We don't comment on rumors. We remain focused on expanding our portfolio of 4G smartphones. We look forward to sharing on Monday news about our latest and greatest product lineup." An interesting response from T-Mobile, considering the original story mentioned nothing of 4G or imminent product announcement.

As of this writing, T-Mobile has not scheduled any sort of press conference to my knowledge. When I followed up with T-Mobile, all it would say is that "something is coming" on Monday, September 26.

But what?

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Looking at T-Mobile's statement, it would be easy to assume that it is announcing a new batch of smartphones. After all, T-Mobile specifically said "expanding our portfolio of 4G smartphones" in the response. I have a feeling, however, that new smartphones aren't necessarily on deck for the 26th.

Reports surfaced Wednesday morning which point to something else: a new version of the Galaxy Tab for T-Mobile. TmoNews was sent images of something called the Galaxy Tab Plus. The images imply that the device is a follow-up to the 7-inch Galaxy Tab device sold by T-Mobile last year.

The new device is said to include support for T-Mobile's fastest HSPA+ 4G network and come loaded with Samsung's latest TouchWiz user interface. By the looks of it, it is definitely not the Galaxy 8.9 or 10.1 tablets that Samsung has announced in recent months.

Giving further credence to this report is the fact that Samsung has scheduled a small tablet-related event in New York City called the "Samsung Galaxy Portfolio" for none other than Monday, September 26.

Adding all the pieces together, it would appear almost certain that T-Mobile and Samsung are planning to introduce a new tablet computer that includes 4G support on Monday.

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