Teradata Offers Hardware/Software Packages For Data Warehousing

The Teradata Accelerate bundles are meant to give mid-size companies a quick way to get started in data warehousing in four months or less.
Teradata is offering a customized package of hardware, software and services for building a data warehouse in four months or less, depending on the business purpose.

The Teradata Accelerate bundles are meant to give mid-size companies a quick way to get started in data warehousing. The package includes version 12 of the Teradata data warehousing database, an analytics platform, tools and utilities for loading and querying data, and consulting and support services.

The first Accelerate packages cover basic data warehousing, as well as analytics for specific vertical markets, such as retail, finance and marketing. The pre-configured packages can be deployed within 10 to 120 days, and prices start at $350,000, according to Teradata. Customers can choose to have pre-loaded software from Teradata partners, such as Business Objects, which is owned by SAP; MicroStrategy, Informatica and IBM.

"The biggest value is the one-stop shop," Randy Lea, VP of marketing for Teradata said. "We provide everything -- soup to nuts."

Available packages include:

--Accelerate for Data Warehousing. The package includes business intelligence tools and data integration. Teradata professional services will define and build the data models, bring up the data warehouse, execute data transformations, identify the businses questions and build reports.

--Accelerate for Marketing. The bundle offers everything needed to deploy a customer relationship management system, according to the vendor. The package includes Teradata's CRM software called Relationship Manager, consulting and implementation services.

--Accelerate for Finance. The financial analytics package leverages pre-built intelligence against data drawn from enterprise resource planning systems. The bundle is designed to help companies reduce cost and expenses, increase revenue growth and improve cash flow management.

Teradata is also targeting specific industries. For example, the vendor has four retail bundles, each providing analytics for a specific area. Those areas are sales and inventory, assortment planning, store performance management and market basket analysis.

In addition, there's a package that offers gaming operators insight into operational performance and customer behaviors. For consumer products manufacturers, Teradata is offering a pre-built data warehouse pre-loaded with applications from Relational Solutions, Shiloh Technologiies or Vision Chain. The bundle analyzes point-of-sale data to determine customer-demand patterns.

Overall, the Accelerate packages address a broad spectrum of BI requirements, and can meet the needs of companies building a first data warehouse, migrating a data mart, or looking to build their own data warehouse, the vendor said. Customers can expand the packages as needed.

Teradata's full product line covers the entire range of data warehouse projects, starting with area marts and smaller warehouses to real-time large enterprise systems. The platforms include the Data Mart Appliance 551, the Extreme Data Appliance 1550, the Data Warehouse Appliance 2550 and the Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 5550. All the systems run the same Teradata database.