Verizon Exec: iPad To Have CDMA Radio, Too

Francis Shammo, chief financial officer of Verizon Communications, said today that Apple will soon make a version of the iPad with a CDMA radio installed.
The Apple iPad is soon to come with a new radio on board, one which can connect to Verizon Wireless' data network without the need of a separate wireless modem. This information, which comes from Verizon Communications' CFO, dovetails nicely with today's news of a CDMA iPhone for Verizon Wireless.

The current iPad comes in two versions. One has a Wi-Fi radio only, and the other has Wi-Fi and 3G+GPS on board. The current iPad's 3G radio, however, is only compatible with networks such as those run by AT&T.

Verizon has sold the Wi-Fi version of the Apple iPad since the fall bundled together with a MiFi mobile hotspot device. The hotspot provides the mobile broadband connection and the iPad hooks on via its Wi-Fi radio.

A new iPad which includes a CDMA radio will allow the iPad to connect to Verizon's network without the MiFi personal hotspot.

Shammo didn't say if the CDMA iPad variant would be a modification of the current design, or if CDMA would be an option in a future version of the iPad.

Shammo also didn't say if the new iPad would also include Long Term Evolution 4G, which will be appearing in iPad competitors in the coming weeks. It would be a mistake for Apple and Verizon to launch a new version of the iPad without LTE on board.

Apple did not announce a new iPad today, though it is expected to at some point within the next several weeks.

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