Verizon Reveals App Store Details

Developers will get to keep 70% of the revenue from sold apps, and Verizon said it will aim for a more transparent approval process than Apple's App Store.
Verizon Wireless unveiled a few details Wednesday about its upcoming application store that it will position as a rival to Apple's App Store for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

The largest U.S. carrier said it wants developers to create both native programs and Web-based applications. The virtual store, which will be called V Cast Apps, will have an advantage over the App Store in that it will potentially be able to reach a wider audience. Additionally, Verizon said it would be providing developers access to application programming interfaces for features such as location awareness in order to create compelling programs.

While the App Store has been wildly successful, some developers have complained that Apple's vetting process can be arbitrary or unfair. Verizon said it hopes the submitting and approval process will take no longer than 14 days, and content creators will get to keep 70% of the revenue from sold apps. This revenue cut is the same that Apple gets for its App Store, but it is far less than what mobile operators have generally taken from sold apps on their content stores.

"Verizon Wireless has a strong tradition of leadership in apps and content. But, it's a new day and our future success is no longer going to be ours alone," said Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam at the first Verizon Developer Community Conference Tuesday.

Companies such as Research In Motion have already launched their own app stores, but Verizon said the companies will work to complement each other. The companies said they will cross-promote apps in the V Cast App Store and the BlackBerry App World for Verizon BlackBerry smartphones.

The carrier is aiming to make purchasing apps simple, as users can likely just add the price of their program to their monthly bill. Additionally, the company said it is committed to using Qualcomm's Brew platform for apps on its feature phones, and it will offer certification and processing assistance.

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