What Caused BlackBerry's Three-Hour Hiccup

A system upgrade is to blame for Monday's BlackBerry outage, which for three hours rendered users without access to e-mail and other data services."RIM's early investigation...points to a problem with an internal data routing system within the BlackBerry service infrastructure that had been recently upgraded," the company said in a statement. "The upgrade was part of RIM's routine and ongoing efforts to increase overall capacity for longer term growth."

RIM says that similar upgrades have gone off without a hitch in the past. No messages were lost in Monday's outage, the company says.

When asked about the outage at the Mobile World Congress wireless show in Barcelona, RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie called it "old news" and refused further questions.

In its last quarter, RIM added 1.65 million BlackBerry subscribers, bringing its worldwide total to 12 million.InformationWeek, CNET

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