Windows 7, Vista's Successor, Due Next Year?

Vista may finally be achieving significant market penetration, but the next version of Windows could be along sooner than expected.An Australian magazine has published the alleged details of Microsoft's roadmap for the release of Windows 7, which indicate that it is scheduled for release in the second half of 2009, rather than 2010 as originally expected. Supposedly, an initial build has already shipped to Microsoft partners, with a second build due later this spring and a third and final beta version due in the fall.

Microsoft has not confirmed the reports; a spokesperson stated merely that "we're continuing to work with our customers and partners on the development of Windows 7, the next version of the client operating system. We're not sharing additional information at this time; instead, we're focused on helping customers today get the most value from their PCs using Windows Vista, and we're encouraged by the response and adoption so far." Small businesses were reported to be in the forefront of current Vista adopters; are they ready to be on the cutting edge again in another year?The Register, APC Magazine